Frequently Asked Questions

We have details available in our Parent Handbook; however, these are our most commonly asked questions:

What Program Should My Child be Registered In?

If your child will be 3-years-old by December 31st, you will register in the Playschool program on Tuesday and Thursday morning. We take a limited number of 2-year-olds to the playschool program; however, they must turn 3-years-old by December 31st. Please contact us for availability.

If your child will be 4-years-old by December 31st, you will register in the Preschool program on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday unless you prefer the program schedule of 3 & 4-year program offered on Tuesday and Thursday morning (your choice).

My child is 4-years-old which program do I put them in?

Your choice! We offer the 3 & 4-year program combined on Tuesdays and Thursday morning or you can choose the 4-year old on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have any doubts or are unsure, please contact us and we will discuss your situation.

Is my child ready for the 4 year-old program on MWF?

All children are still learning and require guidance and modeling to adhere to classroom routines at times; however, they should be able to follow routine the majority of the time prior to registering in the 4-year-old class. Should your child not be able to exhibit these behaviours, we recommend they join the 3 & 4-year-old class instead. While both of our programs are learn through play programs for young children, we ask that your child demonstrate the following abilities prior to registering in the 4-year-old program on MWF.

  • Can my child follow simple instructions?
  • Can my child sit still long enough to listen to a story?
  • Can my child follow simple routines such as washing hands?

Cost of Program?

  • Tuesday and Thursday morning for the Playschool program for 3 & 4-year-olds are $69/month ($152 – $83* child care operating grant funds). *subject to change
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the Preschool program for 4-year-olds are $110/month ($195 – $85* child care operating grant funds). *subject to change
  • $100 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Details are on the Fee Summary sheet as well as the Parent Handbook.

Is Subsidy Available?

Yes. Subsidy may be available to your family depending on your annual family income (less than $180,000). Please apply on the Government of Alberta website to
determine if you will be approved.

I don’t have time to Fundraise or Volunteer, is that a problem?

We completely understand and not to worry, everyone’s situation is different; therefore, we offer OPT outs which will be kept confidential.

I want to be involved and have some time, is that possible?

Absolutely! We love helpers! Just let us know and we will keep you in mind if we need extra hands for a big craft, photoshoot, activity, emergency fill-in, or you can sign up for field trips.

My child is not fully toilet-trained, should I wait?

Unfortunately, children must be fully toilet-trained to attend our program. We do offer frequent reminders and assist with buttons or snaps as required. We understand young children do have accidents, and therefore, a change of clothes should be provided.